Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Today We Reached 1,000 You Tube Subscribers!

A big cause for celebration! Today we added our 1,000th You Tube subscriber! It was just a few months ago that we sat at 100 subscribers. our new channel was just getting off the ground and Turner and I decided to really put some effort into growing our fan base. His wife Diamond chipped in with some really great advice and suggestions on different ways we could grow our channel, and, along with our production of 8 full episodes and countless vlog uploads, we have been able to enjoy relatively rapid growth.

Thanks to all of our views and of course our subscribers. Please tell your friends about our You Tube channel and we hope you enjoy the show!


Saturday, July 25, 2015

From the Street to the River - Photo Gallery

Turner and I are always looking forward to our next photographic adventure. Korea offers endless opportunities, it's as simple as packing a camera bag and setting off in most any direction. On this particular day, we started out shooting street photography in Nowon, but it wasn't too long before the thick humidity and glaring heat had us scrambling for the comfort of an air conditioned coffee shop and Korean BBQ joint. We opted to change gears (and cameras) and head North, to a river that skirts the Southern side of the DMZ. Turner had previously spotted a large rock cliff on the river so we decided that we'd try to go and shoot it in the late afternoon.

Our gear for the first half of the day included Turner's newly acquired Nikon FM2 35mm film camera, while I carried my Rolleiflex 35mm film camera and Sony A7II mounted with a Hasselblad Carl Zeiss 80mm lens using a Kipon adapter. However, for our afternoon adventure on the river, Turner switched to his Nikon D800 and brought along his Lee Big Filter kit. Meanwhile, I brought the Mamiya 7 and kept the Sony A7II in my bag.

Watch the video and enjoy our fun day of shooting with us! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Xj0B1QAZNQ

Below - Turner with Nikon D800 with Lee Big Stopper

Below - Turner with Nikon FM2 35mm film camera


 Below - Felix with Sony A7II with Hasselblad Carl Zeiss 80mm lens (with Kipon adapter)

Below - Felix with Rolleiflex SL35M 35mm film camera

 Below -  Felix with Mamiya 7 with 80mm Mamiya lens, medium format film camera

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Camera Porn - July 2015

Welcome to our first installment of our new blog feature "Camera Porn". We'll be posting awesome camera photos and other photography related images of interest. Thanks for visiting, be sure to bookmark our blog and visit often.