Sunday, August 28, 2016

Video Review - Hasselnuts "Digital Back"

More toy than anything else, the Hasselnuts "Digital Back" leaves much to be desired.

Nothing can match the look and quality of images captured with a Hasselblad camera. That classic film look in 6x6 medium format with high quality Zeiss lenses, but to get images with a digital back, well, we are talking a lot of money. The Hasselblad CFV 50 Digital Back costs a whopping $15,000 USD, even used versions of the lesser CFV 39 can cost uppwards of $7,000 USD. So what are your options for capturing digital images with your Hasselblad?

Enter Hasselnuts, a "digital back" and smart phone application that attaches to your Hasselblad just like a regular back.

I was really excited when I first ordered the Hasselnuts, but I hesitated at the introductory price of $379. I pulled the trigger when the price came down to $299 but I tell you what, this product isn't worth $100. Watch the video and see for yourself.

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