Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bro, Do You Even Photography? (Meme)

Bro, do you even photography?

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New Vlog On The Lee Big Stopper

Just uploaded a new Vlog on the Big Stopper by Lee Filters.  Click Here and give it a big thumbs up and leave a comment. Enjoy and learn you something!

Some of Turner's pictures using the Big Stopper.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

New Vlog Now Posted! - Shooting Portraits and Working with Models!

Turner and I arranged a Trade for Portfolio (TFP) photo shoot a couple weeks ago with two amateur models, one caucasian female and one Korean female. We shot at both indoor and outdoor locations. Our indoor location was an upscale hotel suite which was considerably smaller than it appeared to be when we selected it from the hotel web site. Nevertheless, it still served us well and we were able to do to sets there. Our outdoor location was at Songdo Park which offers stunning cityscapes with lots of water for reflection and the numerous office buildings provided great bokeh for the background.

Although we had a fun time overall, we encountered a few challenges working with the models. Zoey, our Korean model, admittedly has not done much modeling. She was worried and concerned about looking "cheap" or "slutty" in her photos. I'm sure her fears were simply due to her lack of experience. Firstly, this was a trade photo shoot, we shot the style of photos that she desired and secondly, she received copies of the photos and could select only those photos she wanted to display in her portfolio. Lastly, this was a glamour shoot, not an adult shoot, we didn't even shoot any suggestive photos nor did we ever make any attempt to. As you'll see in the video, Turner asks Zoey to bite her lip for a shot, personally I don't think there's anything inappropriate about that at all. It was an uncomfortable moment for Turner as well because this was his very first time working with models. I tried to lighten the mood and eventually we took a break at that moment. The bottom line is that chemistry and communication are essential for the best photo results.

Enjoy the video!