Monday, July 28, 2014

Wireless Microphones for the All-New "Hey Don't Shoot"

Capturing audio is the most challenging aspect of shooting video. With the fast-approaching revival of I went ahead and added some wireless microphones to my inventory, as well as an omni-directional squid microphone for high-quality audio recording (the scquid mic can be plugged into any of the wireless microphone systems mentioned in this blog post).

The Sony ADP-AMA adapter  fits on top of my Sony A65s and A37 (auto-lock interface shoe) and allows the use of the Sony ECM-W1M (multi-interface shoe) wireless microphone. I also purchased the Sony ECM-HW2 wireless microphone which is compatible with my Sony HDR-UX10 Handycam. Then to round out my wireless microphone capabilities, I purchased the Sony WCS-999 wireless microphone which is compatible with any video camera or DSLR with a 3.5 inch audio in jack.

The final bill for all of the above mentioned items was around $400-450 USD. However, without wireless lavalier or squid type microphones, the only other option would be to record audio with camera mounted or internal microphones, of course, the problem with that is that in addition to recording the person speaking in the video, you'll also be recording all the ambient sound and that will simply not work for the type of videos we will be producing. Camera mounted microphones are great if you WANT to record all the ambient sound, such as at a party, but not if you want to record someone speaking at a distance from the camera.

Sony Auto Lock Shoe Adapter ADP-AMA

Professional squid mic, which can be plugged into...

Sony ECM-W1M wireless bluetooth microphone

Sony ECM-HW2  active interface shoe wireless microphone 

Sony WCS-999 Professional Wireless Microphone

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

An ALL NEW Hey Don't Shoot is Coming Soon!

That's right, an ALL NEW Hey Don't Shoot is coming soon. With hosts Felix Mena and new host Turner Hunt!

But until then, here is the final, Episode 3 of the original Hey Don't Shoot.

Stay tuned! The web site is being updated to reflect the new host and changes!

Link -

Hey Don't Shoot - Episode 3 from Felix Mena on Vimeo.