Saturday, October 26, 2013

Vintage Gear with Style

Definitely stylish, but would I ever carry an old school film camera for nostalgia? Probably not. I am quite fond of stating that I have never DJ'd with vinyl records nor have I shot photos as a professional with a film camera. I'm all digital.

Girls with Cameras - again and again

More Girls with Cameras photos but who is complaining?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Mena Man on the Job

Here I am shooting photos for my units soccer team. I'm documenting the entire season and will produce a compilation video when it concludes.

Would you?

Would you sacrifice your gear to get the shot?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Once again I have been called out by my good friend MenaMan. I actually have been planning on posting this week but because of other obligations I have not been able to do so till now. In order to keep up with the spirit of the sit and Menaman off my back I vow to make a weekly post of photos from the web that I think you will enjoy. The photos from this weeks selection come from a Facebook page titled Earth Porn (
 is very fitting if you like photography like I do.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What's Your Favorite Stanley Kubrick Film?

My favorites are (in no particular order):

Paths of Glory
A Clockwork Orange
Dr. Strangelove

I can't help myself, another hot girl with a camera

Take my picture please.

Food Porn from the Field

Yet again I manage to post from the wilderness of the field. I wonder who else is participating in this venture called Hey Don't Shoot?

Hot Girls with Cameras from the Field

Here I am, conducting field training precariously close to the DMZ, yet I still manage to make time to post. And Garvertron back in the rear in the comfort of his own room? Not a single post this week. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Garvertron Shoots a Commercial for School

Here's a 30 second spot that Garvertron submitted recently for a school assignment.

Narration by: Mena Man
Coffee guy: Frenchy

Well done Garvertron!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mena Man's Video Intro for His DJ Show as Felix G

If you watch the show or bothered to read the bios at you'd know that "Hey Don't Shoot" co-host, Mena Man, is also a DJ. He hosts a music show at and will be playing a live set for a halloween party at the Golden Gate Club in South Korea on the 31st of Oct. As part of that show this video intro will play on a big video screen as he is being introduced, the screen will go up and the live music show begins!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Daniel Day Lewis - The Best of All Time?

As much as I respect and admire Christopher Walken and Gary Oldman, I might have to give the nod to Daniel Day Lewis as my personal pick for all-time best actor. He is the man!

Garvertron, who would be your selection for all-time best actor in the world ever?

Hot girls, with cameras

I decided, just now, to add a new, regular feature to our blog which I'm sure Garverton and you, the viewer will approve of and enjoy. Hot girls with camera photos! I'm a genius.

Note: Cell phone cameras do not count.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Episode 2 - Shot List

Episode 2 of "Hey, Don't Shoot" is in the can and ready for your viewing pleasure. Grab yourself a cheese plate and a delicious beverage, enjoy the show!

Here is the "Shot List" so you can follow along with all the links featured on the show:


High Quality cell phone cameras


You Show Me Yours…



Gear Reviews



Movie Reviews

My Pictures are Better Than Yours


MENA MAN  Top 10 Performances of the Week


Check out the teaser

The second show is in the can and MenaMan is hard at work getting it ready to post, we hit a few snags but thats to be expected when we get together. All in all it was a good show with a lot of help from Big C manning the camera and anything else we ask him to do. And the main point of it all is too have fun right? Hope you enjoy the show, and please send any
or things you want to see on the show to our e mail or twitter.

Pre-Show Teaser Video from Episode 2

We are hard at work editing (no we're not, we're going out for dinner actually) and when I say we, I mean me, Mena Man, am hard at work editing Episode 2 of Hey Don't Shoot. It will be posted within 24 hours. Until then, check out this teaser clip captured in the moments leading up to the show opening.

More of the same with Mena Man and Garvertron. Look for Episode 2, tomorrow!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Episode 2 Tapes in 3 Hours!

Episode 2 of Hey Don't Shoot begins taping in 3 hours. The podcast and You Tube files will be ready for your viewing and listening pleasure sometime tomorrow (Sunday 13 October).

What will happen this week?

Will Garvertron lose his cool?

Will Mena Man interrupt Garvertron during his gear and product reviews?

Tune in and find out.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Promise

So Menaman has dropped the gauntlet and I have been called out to post more. Even though I am very busy with school, I am taking time out from my homework to share this Video I came across a while back. Its titled the Promise its a great short and I hope you enjoy it, and MenaMan if you need me to do for you what the guy in the video does for his friend just let me know I will be more than happy to help you out.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Spread the Love

Check out the podcast recorded by these two journalists titled "Breaking Beltway". I am kind of digging the parody attempt with the title of the podcast, on the other hand, I think "Breaking Bad" parodies are a little over-played. In any event, judge the content for yourself.

They kind of mirror Garvertron and I in a weird, other dimension, bizzaro world.

Blog Post Score To Date

Current blog post count totals:

Posts by Mena Man = 19

Posts by Garvertron = 2 (3 if you count this, but I wouldn't count it)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Very Uncool

This post is in response to MenaMan's post about me not posting enough to his liking. Well it just so happens that i am in school full time and have a lot going on at work and at school, I wish I had the time to sit behind the computer all day and search the internet like MenaMan and find cool articles to share with you all, but I don't. This month I am Taking the Composition and Visual design class at Full Sail University. We have been tasked to conceptualize a commercial by preparing a synopsis , treatment and story board. Then in the third week we will film and edit the commercial in post-prouduction. so as you can see I do have a lot going on. Once the commercial spot is complete I plan on sharing it on our website, I do plan on being more active on our Blog once things slow down a bit.

Happy Shooting,

Rollin' with the Big Dawgs

That's a stack of Korean won, almost 1000 bucks worth. Don't let the picture fool ya. Firstly, it wasn't my money, it was Garvertron's which he had just withdrawn in downtown Seoul to purchase his kick ass 28-105mm lens. Secondly, I posed for that photo as a humorous reply to my friend Michelle who had posted a similar photo on her Facebook page from when she was in Las Vegas thinking she looked all big time. I couldn't resist ridiculing her and pointing out the fact that she only had like 50 dollars in one dollar bills.

Big pimps together! Not photoshopped. 

Meet the Wonderdogs

This is Cici, the one-eyed Shitzu which belongs to my niece Rachel. I had penned a couple of children's eBooks called The Adventures of Snappy Jack, last year and had wanted to write one about a group of dog friends called The Wonder Dogs, which includes this trio; Cici the One-Eyed Shitzu, my sister's dog Molly McBeasley, a Dachshund, and Chia, an American Staffordshire Terrior.

But as it turned out, my publishing partner said that the market for children's eBooks wasn't as strong as he initially thought and after several concepts from two different artists, I wasn't pleased with the my choices for artwork, so we shelved the idea. But I think I'm going to write the book anyway, just for fun and as my way of expressing my gratitude for all the happiness and joy that those 3 dogs and their owners have brought to my life.

Of all the initial artistic concepts this was the best.

Cici the One-Eyed Shitzu

Molly McBeasley



Molly and Cici together.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Seahawks Lose on the Road but Everyone Wins!

Seahawks lost a close one on the road to the Indianapolis Colts (formerly my favorite team) but below are a couple reasons why they'll always be number 1!

THE best fans, hands down.

Hey Garvertron, You Ever Going to Post on the Blog?

Do I have to do everything myself around here?

Perhaps if I threaten to post a new, unflattering, photo of Garvertron daily until he publishes a blog post, that might give him enough of a nudge to finally post on OUR blog. We'll soon find out.

Here's a photo for day number 1. This can all be over, if he would just post. Post.

Look, I know he's busy with school, but that's no excuse.

Not Porn, Food Porn

Hungry yet? I decided, just now, that I'm going to make this a regular feature on the blog. Warning: do not view on an empty stomach...