Sunday, October 11, 2015

Episode 10 - The Last Episode from Korea

We will surely miss Korea. So many good times, so many memories. Turner heads back to America in just a couple days, I'll follow on next February. There was sort of a "mad dash" to get out a shoot a few locations before Turner's time was up and you'll get to see a few of those in this episode.

Firstly, we wake up bright and early to try and catch a sunrise at a local lake that I spotted while out doing a recon for the army followed by a weekend of shooting in downtown Seoul. We bribed a security guard to get some rooftop long exposure shots of the Great Namdaemun Gate. The next morning we set up down on the Han River to shoot photos of Building 63. It was extremely grey and overcast and didn't get many good shots but we did stumble upon a neat perspective underneath the railroad bridge!

And finally, we go North once again where Turner had found a dam and reservoir that are currently under construction. As a result, the area is completely abandoned and offered some neat photographic opportunities.

We hope you enjoy Episode 10 and thanks for watching!

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