Sunday, August 17, 2014

Episode 1 is "In the Can!"

Preliminary shooting of The All New - Hey Don't Shoot has wrapped. There are many, many hours of Behind the Scenes, B roll, out takes and images to go through. And, unfortunately, a few pieces of my monologue have to be reshot because the audio was blown out. That's what you get for wanting to use the brand new video camera and wireless microphones without testing them out thoroughly before shooting.

My new Sony NEX-VG10 arrived in the mail literally minutes before we were getting in the cab to go shoot. The excitement of the new toy overwhelmed all of us and while I did take a moment to test the new camera out with one of  my wireless mics, I didn't test it with all of them and we paid the price. No big deal.

It will take us about two weeks to get the final edit wrapped up and posted so stay tuned!

"We just want to share our love of photography with you..." Felix Mena, host of (Photo by Lorraine Walsh, Clapper Board Girl and Amateur Photographer)

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